Bill has an ability to make our products stand out among the crowd.
He just comes up with t
hese fresh ideas that add to the creative process.
Jorg Schlieffers | Thinkable Studio

You can overwork something but Bill’s process is always to get to that pure point where you look at it and it’s right. That’s what I appreciate about him.
David Kampa

The creative aspect of what he does is something that we really leverage.
I don’t have all the answers. I appreciate the fact that here’s someone who’s professional at what he does and very creative at what he does and he can take that and create something brand new and unexpected. That’s really Bill’s strongest asset for us-the creative bent he has on his work and the way he can take what we do and enhance it without us tying his hands.
Mark Kimbrough | Design Edge

The process is about capturing information. Bill has been able to capture the personality of our products really well.
Sudir Bhatia | Symbol Technology

The world of the creative is a messy one. Hurry up and wait, a flip-flopping decision merry-go-round. This is our world. Bill makes this world a better place. He is pleasant, on time, resourceful and creative. In our studio we say ‘working with good people is half the battle.’ Bill is good people.
Matt Lynaugh | Buds Design Kitchen

One of the best [portraits] you’re likely to see anywhere came from Austin freelancer Bill Albrecht… Albrecht’s Otis 1988, which is beautifully lit and composed, shows a dreamy young boy who seems to know the world is place of marvelous possibilities.”
Austin American-Statesman review of “Ten Thousand Eyes,” an exhibition by the Austin-San Antonio chapter of the American Society of Magazine Photographers